Reloading Equipment Freedom Pill sale #3 17cal and 303cal

Jerry V

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  • Apr 18, 2020
    McGregor, Texas
    Still have some Freedom pills available. Listing different calibers in multiple threads so check my listings to see if anything new has come up. Calibers will range from .17 to 303 in rifle and .357 to 45 in pistol. Order 1500 or more rounds from this listing or my additional postings and get free shipping. Anything under add $10. Paypal F&F or Zelle works for me. The boxes are mostly sealed with some having been opened for inspection. I will confirm count on any opened boxes and PM you if there are any short on total before I ship so we can make adjustments. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM if you need any additional pics or info. I think my pricing is right for Plinking, Practice, Hunting purposes. Also gives you a chance to try something new without making a real commitment.

    Misc 303cal

    • Midway 2nds 7.7Jap .312dia 174grSoft Pt Qty 100 $30.00
    • Midway 2nds .312dia 150gr Spitzer Qty 100 $20.00
    • Speer 303 .311dia 150gr HCSP Qty 100 $old
    • Woodleigh 303 British .312dia 174gr Qty 50 $25.00
    • Sierra 303 .311dia 150gr Spitzer Qty 100 $old
    • Norma 7.7Jap Brass NIB Qty 25 $30.00
    17 Cal
    .172 cal pills.jpg

    • Hornady 15.5gr NTX Qty 400 $old per 100
    • Hornady 20gr V-max Qty 200 $20.00 per 100
    • Hornady 25gr V-max Qty 100 $20.00
    • Nosler 20gr Varmageddon Qty 100 $20.00
    • Lehigh Defense 20gr Controlled Chaos Qty 50 $20.00
    • Midway 2nds 25gr PolyTip Spitzer Qty 100 $15.00
    More Calibers to be posted soon.
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    Jun 6, 2013
    I'll take the following:
    7.7 Jap seconds bullets for $30
    7.7 Jap brass for $30
    .303 150 gr. seconds spitzers for $20
    Plus $10 for shipping = $90
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