FS: FN DMR II Upper project, Sangin Instruments, Microtech.


Jun 6, 2019
I wanted to just keep this all in one thread so here's a list of the stuff I have for sale. The knife and watch are in excellent condition and were extras/ triple back up items, none were daily carry.

I am trying to free up funds for a rifle or rifle optic to get things started. These prices are well under retail and the watch is boutique/special order. I would prefer pay pal friends and family, but if goods and services is your thing add 3% to the price listed.

Everything will be shipped via FedEx or USPS. Unless faster/special shipping is requested the extra cost will be added to the price.

If you post that you'll take something down below please also message me. First come first serve. Feel free to ask questions I try to answer as quickly as possible. Thank you all for looking.

All shipping CONUS.

FN DMR II Upper Receiver, 16 in (18in originally), FN M-lok handguard. Long story short, I was trying to shorten up my 18in DMR barrel (rifle length system) to a 16in. The barrel work was done by Grey Steel in WA. It worked great with my heavier grain 556 however I came across gas issues with 55g and some 62G ammo like the purple fed. However, 62g Speer, 68, 69, 77 and up all were awesome with great accuracy results from several different manufacturers. I don't reload. Most likely the gas port will have to be opened up for the lighter stuff. I don't have the drive to complete the project. I was in the process of switching handguards to allow the JP adj gas block, but lost interest. I have not shot it with the JP adjustable GB. Asking $450 shipped to get it off my hands and onward towards a new bolt gun.

Burris Fast Fire III 3 MOA red dot w/ GGG picatinny offset mount. Mounted on an AR never shot. $SOLD

Sangin Instruments ATLAS DLC automatic field watch. Included is a Zulu Alpha strap in OD green, other straps that came with it originally (NATO, rubber etc) an off brand stainless steel band and the plastic hard case it came in. $425 shipped
Sangin 1.jpg

Half Face Blades Crow Jr. Black cerakote, tan G10, black allen bolts $SOLD

Mircotech UTX-85 auto otf, 3"combo edge. Tan w/ black blade. $190 shipped.

Micro 1.jpg

I have a couple other Benchmade's I might be willing to part with, message if interested. Willing to trade towards an LPVO or Mid Power (4-14) optics.


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