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Left Hand Sale FS: MPA BA chassis, SA, Lefty


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Jan 18, 2006
FS: MasterPiece Arms BA chassis, short action, lefty. Asking $650 shipped.

This has the shorter youth buttstock that goes down to about 12" LOP, maybe a bit shorter. One of the cheekpiece screws is missing.

This was on my son's comp rifle is 2022 so it's been used in field matches. Gun Candy blue is scratched up but the chassis is in otherwise good shape. Only had one action in it, a Curtis Axiom for one barrel worth of shooting.

Chassis has NOT been bedded, so it's ready for any other Rem 700 clone action. It's a great chassis for a youth shooter, not too heavy.
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Thanks for the heads up.

Just so you are aware, a scammer user sent me a message with your exact name but with a dot in front of your name.
Told me to send payment with zelle and send address. I told him to go play in traffic.
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