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Oct 3, 2004
USMC 3 Point Combat Sling with Emergency Quick Release
NSN 8465-01-524-8847
Advance Fabrication Inc.

  • Compatible with Carbine and the Joint Service Combat Shotgun
  • Long enough to suspend the weapon across the body (back and front) when carried by Combat equipped Military personnel. Versatile enough to be shortened as needed for normal weapons carry when not in a tactical posture
  • Capable to be used ambidextrously
  • The First Line Combat Assault sling is a 1 ½” wide webbing composed of polypropylene and nylon based materials.
  • The 1” side-release buckle, 1 ½” emergency release buckle, tri-glides (all hardware) are made of nylon and are US made material
  • The sling has a side release ( to adjust the length of the sling) and an emergency release buckle or ERB. (to allow the user to separate the sling and weapon from the body an emergency situation)
  • The keepers (3” x 1” webbing with 1” Tri-Glide that attaches the sling to the sling mounts on the weapon) are made of polypropylene and nylon based material
  • PLEASE NOTE: The 2 - tooth attachment teeth keepers that are shown on the "what comes with your sling" page in picture #11 are already hooked on the sling in the package. 1 is removable ( measures 5"), the other attachment tooth keeper is permanently attached to the sling. Please see the back of the instruction manual where it states this titled "Attaching rear keeper".

$30 Shipped!
Message if interested


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