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Heartbreak 5k/10k - 2 gun and obstacle run - Kentucky


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Jan 7, 2008
Kentucky Bluegrass
Registration https://practiscore.com/bgsl-heartbreak-10k/register

Need a reason to train off those Holiday pounds? Already training for another run-n-gun?

Introducing the Heartbreak 10K, a biathlon shooting soirée.

When: Saturday, 3 February 2018
Where : Bluegrass Sportsmans League, Wilmore KY (25 min south of Lexington)

A 5K and 10K ‘run and gun’ of Heartbreaking proportions. Challenging your competence in shooting, movement, and situational awareness when cold, tired, and under pressure. You should arrive prepared to battle the elements, our movement course, and courses of fire. This is an opportunity to see if you have the mental fortitude to push yourself through the course during the winter. When planning gear consider what you would take in the woods for 8 hours in February in this location. While the course is much shorter than an 8 hour run it is important to always be prepared for problems and potential extensions of time outside due to illness, injury, etc. Cell service should NOT be considered available when planning your gear. This event is intended for experienced shooters that are familiar with their equipment. Pre-registration is required. Participation is limited to 60 shooters the day of the match so that the course may be completed during daylight for all participants. RO's will run on Friday.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1288981797874883/
Start times: 8am (first runner leaves start) – 3pm (last runner leaves start)
End times: Course closes when the last runner completes the course OR at sunset.
Course Length: 5K and 10K (you must choose the length at registration you WILL be running). ~800ft elevation gain across a mixed of groomed gravel and trail.
Registration: $40. Payment required prior to match for shooter confirmation.
Refunds: Full refund on cancellation prior to Jan 4. No refunds after Jan 4.
Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/bgsl-heartbreak-10k/register

Equipment: All equipment should be zero’d and ready to go.
  • o Pistol: 9mm or larger centerfire caliber
  • o Rifle: .223 or larger centerfire caliber
  • o Safety: Eye and hearing protection is REQUIRED in all shooting areas
  • o Knife: attendee’s choice.
  • o Stopwatch: as needed to manage wait times
Round Count: approx. 155hits (mix rifle\pistol) – will be finalized by 1 Jan.

Classes: You will be weighed at the beginning of the course in full gear. You will be weighed at the end of the course in full gear then without gear. All classification weight measurements occur at the finish line. Weight must be carried throughout the course.
  • o Light: less than 25% of body weight.
  • o Mid: individuals choosing to carry 25%-49.9999% of body weight.
  • o Heavy: individuals choosing to carry 50%+ of body weight.
• Overall scoring is a 50/50 combination of competitor run score and stage score.
  • o RUN = 50% of score
  • o Stages = 50% of score
• There may be opportunities to decrease your run score as a competitor traverses the course at interim ‘challenge stages’.
• Hits will be required as noted prior to course of fire. RO’s will call hits at distance where necessary (this will be indicated during the stage briefing).
• There is a max par time of 180 seconds for each stage (i.e. if a competitor time reaches 180 seconds they are FINISHED with the stage course of fire). Scoring will commence when:
  • o Competitor indicates they have finished the course of fire OR they reach max par time.
• Misses:
  • o >100 yards: 10 seconds
  • o <100 yards: 20 seconds
• Failure to engage (FTE) a target results in a penalty equal to the number hits required x miss penalty. Example: if 3 hits are required on a target under 100 yards and an FTE occurs the penalty would be 3x10 seconds=30 second penalty.

• You must adhere to the rules as defined by Bluegrass Sportsman’s League during participation.
• This is a COLD range. All weapons must be unloaded unless directed otherwise by a Range Officer. Hot guns at any location other than a course of fire (once directed to load and make ready) will result in a disqualification.
• Dropping a loaded weapon will result in a disqualification.
• Muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
• Handguns must be holstered unless in a safe zone or directed by an RO.

1. Do I run with a cold or ‘hot’ gun? - This is a COLD range. All weapons will be loaded as required at the direction of an RO at each stage. All guns must be cleared prior to exiting a stage.
2. Where do I equip my guns? – There are ‘safe’ areas around the course. While rifles may be carried unloaded with muzzle in a safe direction pistols may ONLY be equipped in safe areas. Carrying of pistols between vehicle and safe area must be completed with the firearm in a storage device (bag, box, etc.).
3. Can I leave my gear placed as needed on the course? – No, you must carry all gear used during the course from start-finish (minus consumed ammo, materials, food, drink, etc.)
4. Are there any ammo restrictions? – YES! No hardened penetrator core ammo. No tracers. We’re using steel and don’t want it damaged. If your ammo attracts a magnet leave it at home!
5. What’s the furthest target? - 300 yards
6. Are there obstacles? – Yes. Enjoy.
7. What are we shooting? – Stuff. (update 12/14: course of fire will be provided prior to the match).
8. When do I need to be onsite? – 1 hour prior to your start (minimum).
9. How are start times selected? – Random selection.
10. Is there a gap between participants on start? – Yes. 7 min between competitors.
11. DO I weigh in? – Yes, to start and at the end. Your weight at the end (with and without gear) deare used for classification.
12. Are there facilities? – BGSL has minimal facilities for ordering food, etc. Pack your food and beverages. However, Coffee, Cider, Hot Chocolate and post-course snacks will be provided at the club house.
13. Will I get wet? – We appreciate it may be below freezing at the time of the event. Therefore, intentional water obstacles have been removed from the course for February.


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Feb 11, 2012
pittsburgh pa
few questions;

what's the deal with getting weighted?

as far as load bearing gear, would a plate carrier work best to carry all the shit and have the rifle slung or a one of these, (which i have already)? ----> http://www.eberlestock.com/store/phantom-sniper-pack

i'm thinking a 5-7 (85-119 rounds) pistol mags preloaded and a few rifle mags preloaded (2-3 AR mags or 5-6 bolt gun mags). is this more AR oriented or bolt gun oriented? i can do an SBR to save weight or go full on with my 16lb bolt gun.

i saw this thread yesterday. i took my first run today in about 15 years. 15 minute mile lol. now to just do it in the mud, with 30ish lbs of gear, 5 more times. i have been hitting the gym in june a few times a week to lose weight. i'm down to 207ish from 225 in june. this gives me something to works towards though. instead of just going to the gym to go to the gym, this gives me a new obsession, especially since i gave up the booze and cigarettes in june. the gym has been my new addiction and these kinds of matches seem like they would be more fun than a typical match.