Help/advice on .300 BO pistol/SBR build

Which action?

  • Remington 700

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  • Hold out for a howa, ruger or tikka rifle/action

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  • Buy a bighorn origin

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Ballistic RPh

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Mar 1, 2019
I’m planning out a new bolt action build for a short suppressed bolt action .300 blackout pistol/SBR. This would be for a light weight hunting setup and just a fun range toy. Initially my plan was more budget friendly to find a ruger american or howa 1500 chambered in .300 blackout, chop and thread the barrel, then drop into an MDT chassis. Unfortunately, there none to be found anywhere. I expanded my search to other actions and found someone willing to sell me a Remington 700 ADL in .223. Don’t know the date of manufacture yet but it looks like the ADL was discontinued in 2005.

My question is, given the previous QC issues I’ve heard of with Remington 700, should I bite the bullet on this one or hold of for a different action. Also, are all Remington 700 actions the same? IE- will an ADL action be able to accept magazines?

I don’t mind spending a bit more over time for better quality but I’m not looking to drop another $3k on another build right now.