Range Report Here's a pretty good .22-250 load.


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May 1, 2010
Melissa, Texas
I've been doing some research on a load I made for my rifle. I didn't have a chronograph before I did the research so I had to go out and actually fire the rifle at the various ranges to find its' trajectory. I thought I would share it in case anyone would like to have the information I have learned. These were shot on two different days.

Rifle: Savage Model 12FV, 26" Savage barrel.
Optic: Millett 4.5-16 x 40 1/4 MOA turrets.
Case: Once fired Remington
Trim: 1.90"
Primer: Winchester Large Rifle
Powder: H Varget 36.0 gr.
Bullet: 55gr. Sierra Game King HPBT (gotta do this all over again for the SPBT)
O.A.L.: 2.360"

The firing for these results were done by me. Prone with a 6-9" Harris bi-pod without a rear bag. Which would explain groups that aren't stellar. A better shooter could probably produce better groups. The reason some of the ones further out are impacting low is that I left the turret setting alone for the previous distance so I could learn what the extra drop is. For example the turret was left at the 250 yd. setting for shooting at 300 yd. The circle is an out line of a snuff can which is 2 1/2" in diameter.

100 yd.

100 yd.

150 yd. My bro was firing his Hornet at the target above this one.

200 yd.

250 yd.

300 yd.

350 yd. Those rings were getting hard to see through the mirage at 300 so I colored them in. And I had to make a little wind correction, obviously.

400 yd. Not too good, but I know where the turret belongs now, so mission accomplished.

The rifle is at a 200 yard zero. I havn't figured the mil hold over yet.
100yd. -3/4 MOA
150yd. -1/2 MOA
200yd. ZERO
250yd. +3/4 MOA
300yd. +1 1/4 MOA
350yd. +2 3/4 MOA
400yd. +5 MOA

I'll still need to fire it at 450 and 500. I'll update this if it will help anyone out.
Again I'm certainly not bragging about these groups, but to learn the trajectory and reflective dope is a valuable thing.

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Aug 10, 2001
Re: Here's a pretty good .22-250 load.

Precisely the same load I used under the Nosler 55gr Ballistic Tip in a Ruger 77VT MKII 26". Outstanding general purpose target/varmint load. Worked equally well with Win and Rem brass and Match or non-Match primers. In this chambering, the Varget makes for The Wonderload.

A 400yd headshot w/55gr HPBT SGK on a 'Chuck rendered the critter unrecognizable to even his own Mommie...