Hornady 300 win mag Brass...Opinions?


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Feb 4, 2012
Well I thought I'd see what some of you thought about Hornady Brass. I bought about 200 pieces of this a while back and still haven't prepped or loaded any. I have a good supply (300) pieces of RWS brass that I'm working through right now but would like to hear some opinions from those who have used the Hornady.

Thanks in advance...

.50 Cal Cow

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  • Oct 10, 2011
    West Grove, PA
    It's worked well for me. Once thing definitely needed was to anneal the necks though. Started with 60 cases from factory rounds and had split necks after the third firing on a few IIRC. Annealled the rest and am now be on the 5th firing for the remaining and the cases still looking good. Besides the F/L sizing after the first time I have only been using a LCD and Redding Body Die to bump shoulders .002".

    Also have 40 cases each of 308 and 338LM cases that are 4~5 firings and still looking good. YMMV but the Hornady stuff has worked well for me.


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    Oct 23, 2010
    Meridian, MS
    I've found it to be pretty good. Your powder capacity is going to be a lot more with the Hornady brass. Hence different pressure levels and different velocity. I've got a few pieces of rws and the stuff is so thick that I'd rather shoot win brass because I'm loading a full 3 grains under max load and still getting a sticky bolt. As far as $ goes I don't think it's what people are asking but it's overall good brass. Got a few hundred pieces my self. Like the above post stated , keep them annealed. I just take a butane torch after I get em real shiny in my tumbler and use a drill socket and when they start turning color I immediately drop it. Be sure not to over do it because they will be dangerous. Copper Creek will do it and have them back real quick. Also there's a thread on here somewhere where a hide member is doing it very quickly and cheap from what I understand.