Rifle Scopes IOR 3-18x42 SH woes


Dec 2, 2006
I purchased an IOR 3-18x42 SH scope from a hide member a few months back. Since I've been using the scope, I've been seeing sporadic shooting results. Today I figured I would do some scope 'stress' testing. I shot a group at 100Y, and it was about 2" off my previous zero. I moved the elevation and windage knobs both directions, then back to zero, shot another group, and it was roughly in the original zero position. Next I gave it a moderate rap on the side of the scope, and my POI shifted about 4" to the left. I gave it another rap on the other side and the POI shifted about 10" to the right.

I noticed another problem today. I went to unscrew the sun-shade, and the front objective lens unscrewed rather than the sun shade. It didn't take much force to unscrew it, and the sun shade wasn't terribly tight.

I suppose I'm going to be sending my scope back to IOR. Has anyone else had similar problems?


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  • Jan 20, 2004
    Re: IOR 3-18x42 SH woes

    The sun shade problem is common.