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WTB Iso misc items: Spuhr SP 4022, Weibad cheek pad, Manners cheek wheel, Send it level, etc

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Dec 8, 2010

Trying to save a few bucks before buying it new. I’m aware of the scams going on in here so if you are a newish member or have a low trader rating, I may request for a video chat before purchasing.

Let me know if you have these items:

1) Weibad Cheek pad for MPA Pro

2) Weibad Cheek pad for Manner PRS/T4a ( Looking for another)

7) Manners cheek wheel

Thank you for looking

4) 34mm scope mount with 20-30moa (preferably a M-brace or Spuhr but not limited to those). A Spuhr SP-4616 34mm 1.5” 20MOA
3) Send it Level v3
5) SAC AICs mag pouch or something equivalent

6) 12-15” Tripod leg sleeves (Coletac or Sunrise tactical)
8) 15” Arca Rail for JP handguard
10) Spuhr SP 4022 or 34mm cantilever
11) Trijicon RM06 Type 2
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