July '09 - 100 & 200 Yard Internet Rimfire Matche


Gunny Sergeant
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Dec 13, 2008
Ok, here we go with our monthly rimfire match for July. Good luck everyone! Same rules apply;


100 Yard & 200 Yard - .22LR Rimfire 30 Shot Match Rules;

1. It is open to all Forum members.

2. We will use the A21 Target for the 200 Yard Match, and the TQ-4 Target for the 100
Yard Match. Both can be purchased from; http://www.pistoleer.com/targets/ or a dealer of your choice.

3. You may use as many targets as you choose for your course of fire, (30 Shots), or you may use one target and score/repair it after every 10 shots. Target Pasters or masking tape may be used to repair targets between 10 shot relays. Just be sure to score your target first before repairing it.

4. This Match will be shot from the Prone Position. Bipod & sling are allowed. Shooting off a sandbag, chunk, x-stick, or backpack, is allowed. However, the barrel may not be locked into any support devices.

The butt of the rifle must be supported in your shoulder without any aids such as lock in devices or sandbags, (though locking in with a sling is permissable).

5. There will be two Classifications;

a. Class - OIS [Open Iron Sights which also include Peep Sights]
b. Class - SCOPE [There are no restrictions on power]

6. Reporting your score each month will be done as shown below. You must PM me your score through this site no later then the last day of the current month we are shooting in. Once I have all the reported scores for a particular month I will post them.

Name: Bullseye Bob
Score: 300-30x
Rifle: Savage Mark II FVT
Class: SCOPE (6-24x42 Tasco Target/Varmint)
Ammo: Federal 711B


Name: Bullseye Betty
Score: 300-30x
Rifle: Savage Mark II FVT
Class: OIS (Peep Sights)
Ammo: Federal 711B

7. There will be six - 30 shot Matches held in 2009; (April, May, June, July, August, September)

Have fun and enjoy the Matches. It's not about winning, but rather what we can learn from one another through these long range monthly shoots.