SOLD Kowa TSN-883 Objective Angled Spotting Scope Body + TE-11WZ 25-60 Wide zoom Eyepiece +$300 in extras (Case, UV Filter, Cap) Like New, save $1100!


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Jul 27, 2007
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$2395 “Angled body“ + TE-11WZ 25-60 Wide zoom Eyepiece and over $300 in Extras! (Cost was over $3500 new for this packag)

NO TAX, PayPal Friends & Family or
if you want normal PayPal plus the 3% fee.

$2395 - Shipped lower 48Like new
1) KOWA TSN-883 Angled Spotting Scope Body
2) High End UV Filter
3) Kowa Green Case
4) upgraded Objective Cap,
5) TE-11WZ 25-60 Wide Zoom Eyepiece

Maybe 6 hours on it. Used on one hunting trip, killed my bull opening morning. This is like new! Love the glass and focus system of this scope but purchased the straight body version since I will not use it much and it’s easier for me to use a straight scope (what I am use to). These angled body scopes are the preferred and if I was using for target and hunting it would be the best, but this is just a hunting item for me that I will only use every couple of years for shot periods so don‘t need the ergonomics of the angled body to uses for hours spotting or rotating for bench shooting.

TE-11WZ 25-60 Wide Zoom Eyepiece fits both TSN-884 and TSN 883 Scopes as well as the new TSN-99 series - These run $750 new plus tax

***ProMaster 95mm UV HGX Prime Filter - $200, plus upgraded obj Lens Cap - Don’t buy an awesome spotting scope and stick a cheap objective UV protective glass on it and degrade your scopes potential. Crafted for fine lenses, HGX Prime filters are individually ground, polished, and coated. They repel dirt and transmit brilliant light to achieve the clearest possible image. Repellamax II Anti-static barrier resists dust, dirt, oil, water and fingerprints. Cutting-edge multi-coatings and black rimmed glass pass the clearest light to your sensor. Constructed from Ultra hardened glass with scratch resistant coating

ProMaster 95mm UV HGX Prime Filter - The Camera Exchange (

***Kowa TSN-881 Angled Spotting Scope Case - $100 (+tax/SH) Kowa Fitted Case (C-881).

***Kowa TSN-883 Angled Spotting Scope Body - New $2450 (+tax)

Kowa TSN-883 88mm Prominar Pure Fluorite Spotting Scope - Angled Body​

Kowa 88mm Prominar Spotting Scopes feature large, oversized objectives - an astounding 88mm of glass. For birders and hunters alike, the Kowa 88mm TSN-880 Spotting-Scope redefines clarity with its large 88mm objective lenses crafted to Kowa's exacting standards for resolution and contrast. Add the C3 fully multi-coated lens coating system on this spotting scope by Kowa Optics and you have performance that must be seen to be appreciated. Of particular note is the huge 88mm, pure fluorite crystal objective lens offered on the Kowa Prominar Waterproof Spotting Scope. The result? Images so perfect in color and astounding for resolution and brightness that some reviewers have already made claims that this is the finest spotting scope they have ever looked through, period. One look and you will never go back to a smaller spotting scope. And why should you? The Kowa Prominar 88mm TSN-880 Scope is as light as most 80mm spotting scopes, despite its huge objective, thanks to its rugged magnesium alloy body. It is also amazingly compact for a spotting scope 88 mm at only 13.5in (not including eyepiece) and like all premium Kowa spotting scopes, is fully waterproof and nitrogen purged. Needless to say, all Kowa Prominar TSN-880 Series Spotting Scopes are designed for a lifetime of hard use.

Specifications for Kowa 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope:
Magnification:1 x
Objective Lens Diameter:88 mm
ED Glass:No
Body Only:Yes
Close Focus:5 m
Length:343 mm
Weight:53.5 oz
Included Accessories:No

Features of Kowa 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope:
C3 fully multi-coated lens coating system
Rugged magnesium alloy body
Waterproof and nitrogen purged
Dual focusing system


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Jrp Jr

Jan 7, 2022
Was this scope purchased from a US Kowa dealer? If so how long ago and did you register the warranty?


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Jul 27, 2007
Hiram, Georgia (near Atlanta)
I am original owner, I purchased it in 2018 for my 2018 fall Elk hunt, yes purchased from authorized US dealer. Completed warranty the warranty registration. This is like new condition and function, it works perfect.

eyepiece is the TE-11WZ 25-60x
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shields shtr

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Mar 4, 2017
Bump for a great deal and spectacular scope. I spent ALOT of time behind one during my goat hunt this year and was amazed at the quality of the image in this spotter. Easily rivals or surpasses the euro big 3 in terms of quality.
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Feb 6, 2014
Free endorsement. This is amazing glass. It routinely scores higher marks than Swaro's comparable spotters in the birdwatching community (an exceedingly discriminating bunch). I've spent time behind most alpha spotters and prefer mine (this model) to all of them.
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