Rifle Scopes Leica 5-30x56 PRS Scope mounted on SCAR 20s NRCH


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Oct 10, 2009
I recently purchased a SCAR 20s NRCH and I have a Leica 5-30x56 PRS scope in my safe that needs a rifle. Does anybody see any issues? I plan on mounting it with Badger Ordnance rings. I know the SCAR has a history of damaging scopes. But isn't that an issue with the reciprocating charging handle? I have read the 20s SCAR with the Non Reciprocating Charging Handle is much easier on scopes and so a military grade scope like a Schmidt and Bender is not required. Does anybody in the forum have any issues or concerns with this set up? This rifle/scope combo will only be used for punching paper at the range and occasionally shooting out to 500 to 800 yds at the range. The range I belong to in Las Vegas has ranges up to 1000 yards to practice on. The Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club. The rifle will also be used for home defense should the SHTF. Please advise.