Leupold CDS vs Swarovski Ballistic turret system?


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Feb 19, 2017
Getting scope for big game hunting rifle (300WinMag), spot and stalk mountain game rifle (elk, mule deer, sheep, goats). 3-15 power range.Which system better for hunting use . Speed of use? Ease of use (time to use, ability to use with cold, wet hands).I've looked through comparable price/power range scopes and am aware of glass difference between brands. I have used a Swarovski scope (old model FFP TDS reticle) for years.Opinions of those who have used these scopes in backpack or horseback hunts would be greatly appreciated.


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Feb 10, 2017
Central TX
Cds with a basic mil turret and some actual dope.
Swaro dots are functional but sorta crude for fine dialing and limited to something like 40moa of travel which is usually like 400 yards.
Cds with yardage is last place because it’s not any better than the swaro and you cant easily adjust it.
Swaro for glass every day of the week.


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  • Apr 25, 2014
    Boise, Idaho
    These optics aren't as nice in the glass department, but reliability and durability is excellent.

    The new Veracity PH 4-20×50 has on board Bluetooth that you download your dope into the scope, and the turret dials to the yardage. Range the target, dial to that yardage, send it.

    Another great option is an XTRIII with a Race Dial. This is what I use for hunting. I mark my turrets to 1000 yards using approximate elevation and Temps, cover it with tape as it's designed to be, and it works great. Again, range it, dial, send it. Shot three game animals from mid October to mid December. All three shots were money.

    I hunt from both horseback and backpack. I can relate.

    I would add that both of these Burris systems are FAR more versatile than the two you're looking at. The Leupy is for one load/one rifle/one environmental condition. The Swaro also has limited use.

    The Burris tools can be used for any rifle, load, condition, etc. You can use it across all your platforms. Its highly versatile.
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