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Firearms LH Impact 737R MPA Proof 6.5cm

Killer Deal

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Aug 30, 2020
Forest Lake, MN
For sale, is the Bronze Maiden. Impact 737R left handed. Standard bolt face for 6.5cm. Cerakoted Proof prefit barrel in 6.5cm with KSS ATS Barrel Tuner. Only a thousand rounds on the action and barrel.
Trigger Tech Special Trigger. MPA BA Comp Chassis with metal spigot and weighted bar on stock and two Grayop weights on foreend with QD thumb bar. Weibad Cheek Pad.

Rifle Set Up $2,500 S&I’d

Barreled Action with Trigger/Tuner $1750
BA without Trigger/Tuner $1650

MPA Chassis with Steel Rear Bar, Metal Spigot, 2x Gray Ops Weights, Weibad Cheek Pad $800

Paypal f&f or if g&s preferred add 3%.

NOT interested in any trades.

And for clarity: Optic and Mount, Muzzle Device, Silencer, and Bipod not included.


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everyone beware of a Kerry Harris was messaging a potential buyer to scam them out of a sale while pretending to be me. My name is Andre Carrero, this list is accurate and true. My email address will incorporate my full name which I’ll share with you if interested in buying this rifle.
Full Rifle still available, buyer backed out.

Kerry Harris and Michael Rollins you guys or whatever your real names are real pieces of shit and are certainly scammers I doubt they’ll use those alias again but beware of them.

Please feel free to message me directly if interested and I’m more than happy to show live or with current time stamp of the rifle and my drivers license, talk on the phone whatever.
Did you confirm if it’s AW or not?