Looking to get into first night vision! Opinions!!!


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  • Jan 16, 2012
    Hey guys thinking of liquidating a few firearms to get into my 1st legit night vision set up. I'm looking at a few differing types. I already have a helmet and a MAWL so I'm considering some NODS white phosphor goggles. I'm also considering a thermal clip on like the EoTech that just came out, or a dedicated thermal scope like the NOX 18 or 35. I really want the goggle, but the clip on seems to make a lot of sense for the longer range stuff. I would be running the clip on a KAC SR15 or whatever I want I guess, that's an advantage of the clip on? Help me decide which way to go? Budget is about 12k I suppose give or take? Would like to have the NODS and a clip on but don't think that's possible with my budget? Anyway I know alot of you have tons of this gear and would like to hear your thoughts. As far as use, I'm not really sure, in case I have to shoot something in the dark I guess?


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    Mar 19, 2017
    This is a loaded question with a lot of room for choices.

    First of all, I would recommend NV before thermal. The reason being is NV is more widely useable. You can walk the dog, go hiking, shooting, hunting, and etc. If you only had a thermal scope or thermal clip on, you’ll be pointing your rifle at everything in order to see (not ideal).

    When it comes to NV, I would recommend a dual tube setup vs a monocular. The only exception to that is if you’re trying to get thermal and NV within your budget. You could get a nice quality PVS14 and a thermal scope like a NOX within your $12k. This would be the most versatile setup.

    If you want gucci duals and a Eotech clip on, you’re going to open the wallet and be even more poor.

    You have to decide which is more important, a nice set of NV or a nice thermal. The PVS14 and thermal scope would be the best balance between the two if you hold them equally valuable.


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  • Feb 13, 2017
    North Texas
    I too am looking into the NV or thermal game for night hunting.

    Seems thermal is king for cost when just trying to shoot hogs.
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  • Mar 6, 2006
    There are of course a lot of questions about what you would like to use it for and in what type of terrain? Answering some of that would better help us provide the answers that would best serve you.
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    If you want a small night vision monocular to mount to a scope try the Photonis Defense PD-PRO-16M, which is a small lightweight monocular made from machined aluminum for max ruggedness. Use two and bridge them together for a binocular with redundancy. $12K would buy 2 monos and a bridge. Or, if larger NODS are no issue, but cost is, they have a 18mm Vyper Bino (polymer) for around $7K and a Vyper Mono for around $3,500.

    Even Elbit loves Photonis 16mm systems. The NODS in this article are powered by Photonis 16mm tubes. https://www.armadainternational.com...ght-vision-goggles-to-uk-ministry-of-defence/


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    Nov 27, 2020
    If you don't have previous experience I'd do a whole bunch of reading and give careful attention to your environment and use case. Alternatively you could just call a vendor from here and get hooked up. Might not get the exact best fit but it'd be a lot less work.