M1a socom 16 ?


May 30, 2012
South Louisiana
Iv been josning for one if these guns for years now. I finally found a local guy that wanted my Nightforce NXS 3.5-15 50 non zero stop Mil dot. I gave him the scope with the NF rings for the socom 16 and 500$ plus he sold me 300 rounds of NATO steel core for200$. It came with a Vltor green stock without the cluster rail .gun has less than 50 rounds through it it's the tightest m1 iv ever felt another thing he has no oil or grease any ware on the gun ??????? so I lubed her up and greased all the metel on metel spots that rub agents eatch other . Down side no cluster rail and I wantEd the urban camo stock . I love the rifle it's a hard hitting super loud CRB rifle . Down side heavy as all get out . Could it be the stock? When I pick up my rock river piston gun /AR after that thing it feels like a fricking red Ryder . I would like to ad the vltor cluster rail and a quick Acqzition Night force 1-4 power scope . Any tips and other guys that have experience. With this weapons system please chime in and let me know how you feel don't hold back lol. I got the gun mainly Bc I am a big Fan of anything John C. Garand made and since I saw it I knew I had to have it. I have all variants of the m1s i have a inland GM 8/43 carbine my gram paw brought back from korai . Also I have afew m1 Garands. Please give your two cents he'll give me all 25 cents good and bad .
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Jan 23, 2013
Sheridan, WY
I have a socom 16 also. Mine is in OD green and only the small forward rail. I have had it for a few years and it is fairly in accurate with the very thick tritium front battle sight post. I have always planned on changing out the front post or scoping it with something in the 4-6 range but haven't yet. It is heavy and kicks hard but I enjoy shooting it and bought it for the same reasons you did. I'm looking forward to hearing how it groups once you glass it.