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Accessories Manners PRS2 "Sold Pending Funds"


Mar 21, 2019
Manners PRS2 Mini Chassis (gen. 2) in like new condition. I believe I put 38 rounds from a padded bench just test firing. This was purchased from Altus in their standard configuration....you can see the specs on the Altus website....does not include any mags. I believe this is in Meadowlands pattern but not 100% sure.

$shipped to the lower 48 states. Payment by Postal Money Order, Certified check, Venmo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will be posting pictures once I get technical difficulties solved.

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Here are some pics.


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Specs for the Altus site are listed below. Stock is in like new condition.

PRS2 Stock Specifications

  • Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Medium Action Inlet (Rem 700 Short Action Footprint)
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Elite Shell
  • Heavy Palma Barrel Contour Inlet
  • Manners Stocks MCS-DBM Gen 2 Mini-Chassis
  • Stock weights 3.4lbs
  • 1 Bipod Stud Front/ 2 Flush Cups Left Side
Priced reduced to $. See above for details.
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