Mile High Shooting, Altus Shooting Solutions, and Red Hawk Rifles: I Love You


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  • Jan 16, 2020
    Y'all... these three companies are the shit:
    - Mile High Shooting
    - Altus Shooting Solutions
    - Red Hawk Rifles

    This company is not:
    - Locked N Loaded (in Pana, IL)

    Let me (not so) quickly tell you why:

    Mile High Shooting
    I purchased some AI swag from them. Do I have an AI? No, but I need sweet shooting shirts to wear to shooting events just like a band shirt to a concert. So sue me.

    But unfortunately the t-shirt I ordered came with what literally looked like a bullet hole in it (but it was a fabric defect) and my coffee cup cracked in one dishwasher ride. I emailed them two separate times and let them know this happened. The immediate replies were to replace or refund... no fighting, no pain. They just... fixed it.

    So I spent a little more money with them on some Tenebraex caps and I'll find a reason to buy more there in the future.

    Altus Shooting Solutions
    I purchased my Impact 737 action and PROOF barrel from them. Welp, I had a bit of an issue with ejection (that turned out to be a non-issue, just a learning moment).

    Alan (or Allen?) over there called me and eventually we spoke and worked through the concern I had and taught me a few things about custom actions I didn't know.

    Worth noting, Tate over at Impact was also amazing. That guy is passionate! It's just great that the reseller supported the product like they made it. Love that.

    I'm going to try and get myself to their shooting range at some point!

    Red Hawk Rifles
    I purchased some parts for my chassis from them. USPS marked the box delivered but it wasn't - classic USPS fudging their performance. It eventually came three days later. They responded on a Saturday and eventually offered to replace the items if they never showed up in the next few days after the delivery was marked complete.

    In the past, I purchased a demo scope from them (a Zeiss hunting scope) but was quite unhappy with the capped turrets (Zeiss's design on the Conquest V4 capped turrets is just... ancient, especially for the price). They returned it... no damn fights. Thank you.

    And for the loser...

    Locked N Loaded
    I purchased from them a Leupold Mark 5HD and a Timney "The HIT" trigger. They aren't going to return the second defective scope they sent me. The Timney trigger also was defective. So I've gotten three defective items from them. What are the odds? I realize they don't manufacture these products but they also do not accept returns (they did make an exception and exchange the first defective scope I got which I wanted nothing to do with but they won't return the second). I will note, Leupold has it and is fixing it, but it's obviously frustrating to not be able to mount it up and use it. The point being made here is the stark difference between the aforementioned three companies and this one. Just the way Locked N Loaded responded, their policies towards people spending hard-earned money with them... let's just say "lesson learned".
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  • Feb 27, 2019
    This whole thing could have been a avoided by just purchasing an AI and topping it with a NF ATACR or ZCO

    Then you could pull out an AI at an event instead of a picture of one on your shirt. And Leupold sucks so there’s that