Mk12 SPR barrels tested, and barrel / collar - brake kits


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  • Feb 19, 2017
    Northern VA
    Over the years, we have found that certain barrels work best with Mk12 clone setups and many commercially available barrels just are SPR in name only. Some commerically available barrels will accept a Mk12 / Ops Inc / Allen Engineering collar and brake, but the profile of the barrel is not to SPR spec, and will not safely accept the Ops Inc #12 / AEM-5 suppressor.

    Working with direction from Ron Allen on what works and what causes bafffle strikes on AEM-5 suppressors, we have tested a number of barrels and come up with a short list of barrels made with blanks from Bergara, Criterion and Douglas and now offer Mk12 18" SPR barrel kits, complete with the Allen Engineering collar

    Mk12 SPR barrel kits with AEM collars and brakes We also have PRI gas block sights for the Mod 0 available as well as Mk12 gas blocks from Daniel Defense and Badger Ordance available as add-ons.

    These barrels are custom contoured, so they may be a slight delay, and if out of stock, be sure to leave your eamil address to be notified. We have dozens comiing in November.

    This was one of those projects that just took time, and one we were committed to as we expand our offerings in the MK12 / NSW RECCE rifle market.

    We tested many barrels. Many from names you would know, and for whatever reason, most commercial barrel companies have chosen to take liberties with the actual barrel profile, and it has caused damage to the suppressors, so we came up with this idea a number of months back while talking to Ron Allen about what could be done to solve the situation.

    Allen Engineering had three issues:

    1) some barrel and rifle manufacturers had contracted out to have collars and brakes made that were not Allen products. The actual Ops Inc design is off patent, so it is not an IP violation. But, the contracted collars in question were not of the same spec and tollerance, and did not have the proper fit.

    2) the barrels themselves had variances in the contour. The design of the AEM-5 / Ops Inc suppressor system depends upon extremely specific measurements to allow the suppressor to rest on the collar, while also being threaded inside the suppressor on the brake. If the measurement of the distance from the muzzle back to the barrel shelf upon which the collar sits has to be exactly correct, to get the proper number of turns when you attach the suppressor. Many commercial barrel manufacturers designed their "SPR" barrels out of spec. Why? Not sure. Maybe they liked their design. But, the result was that when the suppressor was attached, it was not secure, or the user put too many shims on the threads to move out the length of the barrel.

    3) actual rifle systems have been designed as improved SPR or modififed Mk12 or Mk12 inspired rifles. Some of these are probably better quality and better shooting and better handling rifles than the orignal NSWC Crane designs of the Mod0 and the Mod1 and even the 16" Holland. BUT, these rifles were not really designed to have a AEM5 attached. But, users did not know and tried it anyway.

    The result: Damage to the suppressor due to misalignment and/or improper fit.

    We are offering a variety of barrels. A short list with AEM short (for Mod0) or long collars as a kit.

    Take a look at the link. Even if you do not buy a barrel or kit from us, we have some valuable information in the link.