Rifle Scopes MK5HD turrets broken?


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Nov 27, 2019
Hey all posting this here to get some more feedback.

Hey all. Hoping I can get a few opinions on some accuracy issues I'm having. Long post with details. Last night I loosened and retorqued all screws and bolts prior to shooting.

BLUF: Rifle seems to be constantly throwing every 3rd-5th shot .4-1mil up/down/L/R no matter the ammo. I'm suspecting that my scope may be broken.

Rifle. R700 S.A.C trued and barreled .308
Barrel: Bartlein 22" heavy contour ASR Brake
Scope: Mk5 HD Tremor 3
Rounds to date: 649
Ammo: 175 Federal GM
168 VLD
175 Norma Match

Conditions: 11-5 oclock 13-30mph winds.
49° F

Ok so last match I noticed I was having some problems with my rounds going high. I chalked this up to me possibly bumping my torrent when I slipped the rings morning of. Fast forward to a coue sessions between then and today where I've noticed that I typically have a few fliers. I again chalked this up to maybe a bad hand load.
Fast forward to Wednesday and I completed a kraft data challenge where my first two prone shots were stacked on each other, but a little low so I brought it up .2mils. My next shot was .mil high, and .4mil right. This was with factory Fed 175 GM.
Today I went out to throw some hand loads and practice positional shooting. The handloads in the past have returned between .19 and .25moa at 100yards. These were again going well with my first two shots to zero (after a CB at 600) stacked and the third shot .6mil low, .4mil right. Shot 2 more shots and ended up up with 1 round the opposite direction at .4mil high. Carried on amd accepted those were probably bad reloads.
Finally I got to try some of the Norma Match I just got in. I was looking forward to throwing these into my kestrel and trueing up in prep for next weekends match. Two 5 round groups where the first two shots are touching then the 3rd-5th seemed to go whereever. I've attached this to provide a visual.
I decided to run a quick 5 round 100 yard turret test which is also attached and labeled. Fired 1 shot dialed .5 mils 5 times. First picture is a group from the Kraft challenge a few months back with FED GM 175 SMK.
Second picture is from the range session where it started to show. POA on the diamond is the right tip. No adjustments were made
Thanks for the help on this.