Modern Day Sniper - Advanced Precision Rifle Class - Rifle's Only - December 11-13, 2021


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Feb 12, 2017

Hey guys! @CaylenW and I are going to be down at Rifle's Only for an Advanced Precision Rifle Course! We'll be teaching alongside with legendary Jacob Bynum at his facility.​

Advanced Precision Rifle Class​

“This class is for the long range shooter looking to take the next step in their progression to refine their process and elevate their skill level.”

Class Prerequisites: MDS Intro To Long Range or proof of attendance to an equivalent class from a reputable school. (Rifles Only, Mile-High Shooting, Brian Whalen, Ridgeline Defense, CR2 Shooting Solutions) *Disclaimer, these prerequisites are not intended to be projected as elitist or egotistical. We wish to create the best experience for our customers by appropriately matching skill level to instruction level in order to have efficient class flow.

Training Days and Cost:
3-Days $900 + Range Fees

  • Rifle Disassembly/Assembly
  • Advanced Weapons Manipulation (Reduction of stoppages and malfunctions)
  • Positional Shooting
  • Advanced External Ballistics
  • Wind Reading Skills
  • Intro to Hold-Overs
  • Advanced MDR Skills Evaluation
Round Count : 300 rounds

The Advanced Precision Rifle course is for the shooter who’s confident in their ability to be consistent enough in their application of the fundamentals to allow themselves the opportunity to take the next step. In our eyes, the difference between a basic/novice shooter and an advanced shooter is simply how each individual applies the fundamentals of marksmanship. An advanced shooter has achieved “unconscious competency” in the fundamentals of marksmanship, whereas the beginner/novice shooter has not.

In keeping with those definitions, the advanced precision rifle class will focus on adding more tasks and problems for the conscious mind to solve while the unconscious mind builds fundamentally sound shooting positions. We’ll discuss all the industry buzz-words concerning more complex external ballistics phenomena, what variables matter in your solutions, and what variables are noise that cloud the mind.

Recommended Products and Progression
  • Positional Shooting Masterclass
  • Positional Shooting Clinic
  • Wind Reading Clinic
  • Field Positional Clinic
  • Moving Target Clinic

Register by clicking here > MDS - Advanced Precision Rifle Class - Rifle's Only 2021

Thank you and hope to see you there! #keepyourfaceonthegun.

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