Modern Day Sniper - Mover's Clinic - Rifle's Only Kingsville, TX - December 8-9, 2021


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Feb 12, 2017

Hey all! @CaylenW and I will be down at Rifles Only this December for a Mover Clinic! This will allow you to focus strictly on engaging movers, utilizing both the ambush and tracking technique to figure out which technique works best given the situation.

Moving Target Clinic​

This class is meant to give shooters an opportunity to focus solely on techniques for engaging moving targets.

Class Prerequisites: MDS Intro To Long Range or proof of attendance to an equivalent class from a reputable school. (Rifles Only, Mile-High Shooting, Brian Whalen, Ridgeline Defense, CR2 Shooting Solutions) In a nutshell you need to know how to run your gun, on your own. This isn’t a fundamental class. *Disclaimer, these prerequisites are not intended to be projected as elitist or egotistical. We wish to create the best experience for our customers by appropriately matching skill level to instruction level in order to have efficient class flow.

  • Types of Moving Targets
  • Types of Engagement Techniques (Ambush/Tracking, Center vs. Edge Leads)
  • Calculating Leads
  • Wind Considerations
  • Mental Lock-Time Considerations
  • Introduction to Positional Movers

The course title should be description enough; you’re here to shoot movers! Movers are becoming more and more prevalent at shooting matches around the US and not many clubs have movers to practice on.

Spend two days with us as we coach you through the techniques we use to hit moving targets. It doesn’t have to be intimidating because it's just plain fun once you get the hang of it!

To register for the class click here > MDS Mover Clinic - Rifle's Only - December 8-9, 2021

Thanks guys and we hope to see you there!