Accessories Moving/Yard sale lots of shit cheap *PRICES REDUCED*


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  • Jan 15, 2005
    Gulf Coast, FL
    Going to be moving again sometime later this year and had to do something about the pile of shit I don’t need that I’ve been shuffling around my house the last 3 years.

    Please read the entire descriptions of terms BEFORE messaging me or posting.

    *$50 MINIMUM SALE BEFORE SHIPPING* I know some of you may want this or that but it’s simply not worth my time to ship a $5 item. Sorry.

    *ALL PRICES PLUS ACTUAL SHIPPING* PM me with the items that you want and I’ll give you a shipped price. I ship mostly USPS flat rate except for the big items and some of the small light stuff can go first class so if you use your imagination you can probably get a feel for shipping costs.

    Payment: Zelle or discreet PayPal family and friends ONLY.

    Shipping: Some of these items like the mags may be restricted in your state and I will not ship those items to restricted areas under any circumstances.

    Here’s what I’ve got:
    1. Sig P365 curved trigger NIB $10
    2. Wilson Combat WCP365 365-MB grip module NIB $40
    3. Sig M17 grip module. Carry with safety. NIB $5
    4. VZ 1911 grips with screws and O-Rings. Like new. $30
    5. Wilson WCP320 grip module. Carry size with safety cut. Like new $30
    6. M13.5x1LH thread protector. Like new $5
    8. Glock 34 Gen 5 OEM threaded barrel 1/2-28 Like new $175
    9. Glock 17 Gen 5 OEM RSA New $10
    10. WIlson 10G22 recoil spring NIB $5
    11. Wilson 10G24 recoil spring NIB $5
    14. Safariland QUBL-1-2 QLS Universal belt loop NIB $30
    16. Alabama holsters pocket holster for P365 with TLR-6 New $20
    17. Raven Vanguard 2 for P365/XL New $15
    18. T5 holster for G26 with Ulticlip $25
    19. Leather IWB holster for Glock 19/23. great quality and condition forget the manufacturer. $20
    20. Divito custom holster for P365XL with Tactical development rail and TLR-7A good condition $20
    21. Glock 20/29/40 10mm 15rd OEM mag NIB. $15
    22. FCD Glock MOS RMR plate. Like new $40
    23. Ameriglo GL-429 glock suppressor sights. New. $30
    28. Stoney Point Bore Guide good condtion $5
    29. Surefire Warcomp 556 1/2-28 NIB $100
    30. TBAC SR 5/8-24 brake NIB $125
    31. Sig MCX Virtus Gray "PDW" forend (comes on 9" 300BLK). Good condition but has some rash. $100
    35. Ferfrans 1/2-28 223/5.56 brake Good condition $40
    39. 3x Geiselle swag packs and hats New $25
    40. D&H 300BLK 30rd mag new $10
    41. Kneepads. New. $10
    42. Maxpedition admin pouch. Like new $20
    43. 3x Peq pressure switches and 2x mounts $10 for all
    44. Blackhawk 12ga arm band good condition $10
    45. HK USP tactical OWB holster. OWB works for 9/40 and maybe 45. Will also worth with HK USP non tactical. good condition $10
    47. Spyderco sharpmaker very good condition $50
    48. RRA Mid length AR15 handguard New $5
    51. HS Strut Undertaker choke for Beretta Optima Plus (AL391, SBE2, M2 Super 90 etc) New $5
    52. Carlsons long range choke for Crio plus good condition $5
    56. Schmedium zipper molle pouch new $5
    57. 4x USGI double M4 molle mag pouches good condition $20
    58. Eagle Ciras Medium plate carrier. New but has hair from my buddies dog. $100


    7. Streamlight TLR-7A Great condition. $100
    12. Heinie 1911 night sight set new takeoff from STI DVC Tactical. $50
    13. Safariland 6395RDS for Sig P320 with X300U/TLR-HL. Ordered for full size and sent out to be modified for X5. Can go back to full size if your handy with a heat gun. NIB $150
    15. Safariland QLS Quick Kit 1-2 system NIB $25
    24. 5x HK USP Compact 9mm 13rd OEM mags. Good condition $100
    25. 4x Wilson Combat ETM 8rd .45 mags. New. $100
    26. 9x Magpul GL9 PMAG17 mags. New. $80
    27. Boyds tacticool stock for CZ 452 or 455, I forget which one but they are similar. Good condition. $40
    32. KAC rail covers. 2 have been trimmed. Good condition $20
    33. R700 mount lot. Missing some screws but lots there. Good condition $10
    34. KAC Micro BUIS. Good condition $175
    36. 2x SAP 2 round holders. You'll need the rear velcro to attach. new/like new $15 for the pair
    37. 3x standard carbine buffers. New and not junk $20 for all 3
    38. 2x Stag LH BCG's. They've never been used but they're dirty, I'll clean them up a bit prior to shipping. $100 for the pair
    46. 4x AR14 trigger guards 3x standard 1 winter of some sort. New $5
    49. Shitty Botach tactical pen. Someone can have it.
    50. R700 SA mag box. Not sure if ADL or BDL. Same price as above.
    53. HSGI hydration carrier new $50
    54. HSGI sure grip padded belt medium new $80

    55. Double pistol mag molle pouch good condition $5


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    Aug 4, 2019
    26. 9x Magpul GL9 PMAG17 mags. New. $80 Ill take these. PM on its way

    Cajun Blake

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    Jul 25, 2006
    Youngsville, Louisiana
    i'll take these , PM sent

    28. Stoney Point Bore Guide good condtion $5
    36. 2x SAP 2 round holders. You'll need the rear velcro to attach. new/like new $15 for the pair


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    Aug 18, 2008
    I will take 27 and 32 but only if 27, the boyd's stock, is for the CZ 452. I'm pretty sure they are NOT interchangeable.


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  • Mar 26, 2010
    I will take these;

    24. 5x HK USP Compact 9mm 13rd OEM mags. Good condition $100


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  • Jan 15, 2005
    Gulf Coast, FL
    Pinellas County sucks, doesn't it?
    My daughter is fed up with it and moving to Ogden, UT.

    Waaaaaaayy too many people have moved here since Covid. My girlfriend is also born and raised here and after 30 years she wants to GTFO just like I did with VA. We’re going up to the mountains in GA were we can shoot guns and partake in general redneckery.