MPA 300 PRC Build


Aug 17, 2014
I had a 300 PRC built by MPA. They say the riffle will shot .50 MOA with factory ammo. When I first got the gun it was hitting the night vision bridge under recoil. They way it was discovered is that when removing the night vision bridge you could see the mark on the barrel. This tells me they didn't even test fire it prior to shipping it out. It was shooting like a shotgun. I sent it back and they said that they installed a night vision bridge spacer and found that the chassis needed to be replaced. They also test fired the gun and got 2 groups under .50 MOA with 212 ELDX's. I have not gotten a single group of either 225 Hornady's or the 212's. I kept seniding them the group sizes that I was getting and the gun shoots 2-2.5 MOA at 100 yards. They are stating that the ammo I have is bad. So I loaded up some 230 OTM Bergers and shot some groups. I was only able to get one group below .50 MOA. Now they want me to hand load only for the riffle and suggested selling the ammo I have. The chassis also needs to be repainted as it is chipping at the bottom of the arca rail. They have agreed to repaint it. If you have a gun built by MPA make sure that they test it prior it to sending to you. I could have gone with any gun builder. I thought MPA would do a better job of making a more accurate platform. I just wanted to let others know so they don't have the same issues that I am having. Don't get me wrong, I love their chassis. I have 2 of them. I just won't be doing a full build with them again.


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  • Dec 9, 2018
    Bend, Oregon
    Wow ... that sounds painful. I have an MPA-built 300-WM, 300-Norma, and 22-BA. My only problem was that the action screws on the 300-WM would loosen after 15-20 rounds downrange, even with the prescribed lock-washer fix. Sent it back after some frustrating attempts to solve it, and they took full responsibility for fixing it ... with the fix including bedding the action and some other tweaks. Now after they solved the issues, that 300-WM hits a 2'x2' target at a mile with great regularity. It's my best shooter in the arsenal. Love the 22-BA for varmint hunting as it's super-accurate out to 200-yards, and I'm still breaking in the 300-Norma, but it's looking good thus far. The one place where I agree with MPA in that note above, is that your own handloads will almost always shoot WAY better than factory ammo. You'll just never get single-digit SD's with factory loads, and that means sub-half-MOA is tough, and almost impossible at long distances. IMHO - YMMV