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SOLD NEW - Accuracy International Complete Short Action Mag Bolt for AX/ATX/AT


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Apr 12, 2018
If you thinking of shooting short action magnum with your ax/atx/at. Then you need this. All of us SA AI owners know how rare these bolts pop up. Then still have to send it out to get the mag face opened up. Lots of wait time. But here‘s one new, never used, and ready to go. PM If interested, $1400 shipped and insured to your door. PP f&f or Venmo

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reduced to $1400
Complete SA bolt with face opened up by Fritz. The ability to shoot short action magnums (WSM, WSSM, SAUM, 6.5 PRC). Just to clarify since some been asking, You actually can use your existing AI sa bolt and get it done by Fritz. But if you do, you won't be able to shoot any short action cartridge anymore when the bolt face is opened up. You need a extra bolt. As easy as swapping barrels, you swap bolts from SA to SA magnum. But getting a extra bolt is the hard part. AI is slow to produced them. Literally..
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Last price drop guys.. $1400
run this couple of days more.. if not, I’m gonna keep it. Thanks for looking all!
Back up for sale.. thanks all for looking
Bump for a good dude and a solid buy! If I wasn’t wanting to move over to an AXSR, this would’ve been mine already. Someone needs to buy this.