New From Roswell GA


Oct 28, 2021
Roswell GA
Good evening,

I'm kind of new as I have not posted yet, so this is #1. I frequented Sniper's Hide early last year when I started looking into shooting to 1K yds and joined late last year when I advanced to my next goal to shoot LR (trying to get to a mile) with 6.5CM and subsequently ELR with 300 PRC and have read a lot on the topic from this forum. There is a wealth of information available on everything needed to get to a mile and beyond. I am trying to do this on sort of a budget, if this can ever be done on a budget, by not going the custom rifle route. I settled on Tikka T3x tact a1 6.5 CM and Bergara premier pro 300 PRC. We are scheduled to go out to a 2300M range Blakley GA in mid June and working on, marksmanship and load development and rifle setup to see if i can reach out to 2300m successfully, this early but we will see.

Anyway, thank you for all the information that you all have shared, and in advance for the help to get to shoot ELR
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