New Member, Former Lurker


Mar 23, 2022
Morning all and thanks for having me I've lurked for long enough and figured it was time to sign up! I'm new to PRS style shooting and looking to get as much information as possible and make a few friends along the way. I'm out of the St. Louis, MO area so we have some options for matches in the state but unfortunately not many public ranges that go beyond 100 yards. Bench Rest Rifle Club out of Wright City is probably the closest range with any distance but is members-only so currently working on getting in touch with them.

I had originally planned on participating in the production class but have changed my mind after reading a number of threads here. I've recently picked up a Ruger Precision .300 PRC and some rounds (thank you Mile High Shooting!), currently trying to narrow down optic choices. Buy once, cry once and all that.

I know the RPR isn't super fancy but I figured it was a way to get into this style of shooting without absolutely breaking the bank. I figure I'll work on proficiency and then upgrade down the road.

Anyways, pleasure to finally post here, thank you all for the great info thus far!