New PRECISION Rimfire Rifle Matches in north Alabama


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  • Jun 21, 2009
    A new series of Precision Rimfire Rifle matches are starting in the Huntsville/Guntersville area in October 2020 at the Blue & Gray club. Membership is *not* required to participate. Details are posted at

    These will be quite different than the club's NRA-style 22 matches, and are open to all rimfire calibers, not just 22LR. They're pattered after the 200-yard precision centerfire matches run at the club, and include a variety of targets. Most bullseye targets are color-splash style, and there's always a "Top Shot" segment for something different. The Top Shot challenge for the October match will be shooting at aspirin tablets and Tums Smoothies at 50 yards.

    Of course we also have our 200-yard Precision Centerfire Rifle matches -- they are detailed at

    Club membership is *not* required to join in on these matches!