newb in the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia


Aug 26, 2017
I'm a long time smallbore rifle shooter (Silhouette, 4-position) and military (M1 Garand; M1A), and have recently started playing around in the bolt action HP game. Local range max's out at 100 yards, but there is a 200 yard range close by that has a couple monthly shoots (military benchrest, prone), and not too much further there is a range that stretches to 1,000 yards. Current firearms of choice: Rem 700 in .222 Remington, Rem 700 in .308, left hand Rem 40x repeater in .308 (yes, I'm a lefty), and a RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor. So I've got some choices when I go to shoot HP in addition to the M1 and M1A. Working up various loads (different powders with different bullet weights and manufacturers) so that I always have a combo that works depending on what is available at the time. good thing I reload with the impending doom of Prop 63 looming in at the end of the year...

Not in the SRK by choice but for marital harmony. Wife moved for me to Washington, I moved here for her to be near grandkids growing up way too fast. When the last leaves to coop we'll head to somewhere a little more firearm friendly. #1 grandson is in Texas near Ft Hood and is pushing us to relocate there. Area is nice!


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Feb 13, 2017
Welcome and for your mental health I hope you can get out before whatever they put in the water there, "turns you"! Good luck.