Sniper’s Hide Cup Official 2013 Sniper's Hide Cup 5/23 - 5/25


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Oct 9, 2010
Boulder, CO
My first time at the match and it was a pleasure to help call hits and misses on the Mod Armory night shoot. That was a tough one, but I'm impressed that we had a couple of shooters clean the less than 15 seconds. We're hoping next year the night shoot will be even more fun and challenging. Pete and Camille and I are toying with a head-to-head night dueling-tree idea. It'll be even better than last year, that's for sure.

Maybe I'll be in a position to shoot the match by next year.

Had a great time and met some fine people.

Thanks to Frank and everyone else, especially Darrin, who saved my bacon and cooked me steak and shrimp when my pickup crapped out...for the second I started home. I got to spend three days extra in Douglas because of the holiday (and some incompetence at the Ford dealership) and Darrin was an excellent host, and a real stand-up guy. Get to know him, he's a "Tactical Hippy" and an amazing Renaissance man.


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Feb 18, 2012
Middle Of Everywhere Wyoming
Came down on Saturday as a spectator. Just trying to get into long range and thought it'd be a good opportunity to learn a little.

Huge underestimate, learned a ton from the best group of people ever. Spent some time chatting up ray at D complex and he was extremely accommodating to a couple know-nothing guys. All the shooters and ROs that we interacted with we're just top class guys.

Couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

Congratulations to all the competitors for even coming out.
I'm taking the Thunderbeast class in two weeks with Zak and Ray and will definitely be entering next year.


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Feb 21, 2008
Helena Montana
This was my first time at a long range match this big. I absolutely loved it and will be back next year. Turns out I had a scope problem. The conditions were so tough the first two days I couldn't even tell! The last day was calm, thats when I figured it out.

Stages were fantastic and challenging. I quickly realized how unprepared I was in many ways.

Thanks to all the ROs. Especially in those conditions the first day.

I really want to thank George, Francis, Skitarelic, especially Ken, and many others who put up with my endless questions. I learned so much from shooting with you guys - thank you.

I was continually amazed at the generosity and helpfulness of all the shooters. This match made me a better shooter and gave me the opportunity to test my skills in ways that local matches just cannot.


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  • Aug 19, 2010
    North Denver, CO
    Last bit of advise to shooters old and new . RETURN YOUR SCOPE TO ZERO AFTER A STAGE. You all know who you are that shot 10 mills high at 300 yards.



    yep. that was a brain dead mistake I made. Coming from E3 and that 1150 yd target. The bad (and good) part was you gave PLENTY of time to get set up and organized. This was my favorite stage to shoot (and oddly enough the one I did worst on) as you made it about shooting and fair scoring, and not how well you navigate the terrain (even though that was a factor with the wind right in our faces that first day.) Timer starts with click of mag.
    E1 was surprisingly challenging considering the easy first 6 targets and the time to set up. That's the only stage I wish I could do over.

    Anyways, thanks for your time and every other RO at the match. Was very cleanly ran with no problems that I saw or heard about.



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    Dec 1, 2008
    How many total rifle targets were there? And how does the pistol section run? I'm thinking about trying it next year as Douglas is only a couple hours from me.

    Zak Smith

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    There were 140 unique rifle engagements. One stage was all pistol, scored time plus penalties and normalized to 10 points. The the two combo rifle/pistol stages the pistol targets had to be cleared before engaging from rifle position 2. This was all detailed in the match packet handed out at checkin (and I believe posted here earlier)