Apr 6, 2018
Hi there!

Looking to get the communities recommendations on optics for my new ruger American ranch right I just picked up in 300.

I will mainly be using this rifle for hunting within 150 yards and will be shooting probably half super half subs. Have considered just sighting rifle in for supers or subs, but still undecided how I want to do it and I’m open to recommendations.

Have read that some of the dedicated BDC optics out there can be hard to work with so was just thinking about getting a standard crosshair and zeroing the rifle for one or the other, or zeroing for supers and just learning the holds for subs.

Optics I’ve looked at so far:

Steiner P4xi 1-4x24

Primary Arms 1-6 Slx w 300 BO BDC

Nikon P300 2-7

Vortex strike Eagle 1-6 or 1-8

Vortex viper pst gen 2 1-6x24

Vortex crossfire 4-12x44 and 3-9x40

Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40

Looking to keep the price below the $700 mark ideally cheaper than that. Would love to hear yalls thoughts!

Thank you!