SOLD  Origin 6mm Creedmoor prefit, ammo, and bushing die. Trades added. Price Dropped. SOLD!


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Mar 24, 2006
Redmond Oregon
I have a PVA chambered 6mm Creedmoor Rock Creek barrel for a Bighorn Origin. Medium Palma, 22", 7.5 twist 5/8-24 threaded with no muzzle device included. Shoots thees 108s into 5/8" groups fairly easily. Comes with 155 loaded spark munitions rounds and 45 once-fired cases, and a brand new Hornady Competition bushing full-length sizer. They use Peterson brass. Right around 300 rounds down the barrel. I am just consolidating my calibers. Would consider trade for a Proof carbon 6.5 creed Origin prefit. I am also looking for quality 300 WSM Components and a VX5 or 6 in HD model. My barrel vise won't be here until Friday so I won't be able to ship until after that.

Wont split up unless there are buyers for all of it. If we split then shipping will be additional. Otherwise, 650 shipped for all of it.

Other trades interested in where I can add cash.

VX5 or 6 HD
Mark 5
30 cal projectiles

Barrel 350.00
Ammo 250.00
Die 50.00



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