Original Terrapin help.

the bear144

Mar 9, 2011
So I took my trusty Vectronix Terrapin out yesterday to the range and was crushed to find out that the laser has become misaligned with the reticle. As I'm sure most of you know this is a wonderful little unit but have heard of nothing but horror stories about dealing with Vectronix in the event that any issues come up. For example I lost the rubber eye cup a few years ago and spent weeks just trying to get a response from the company with zero luck.

My question is does anyone know of a independent place that could fix the misalignment? Has anyone done it themselves? Or have any of you had any luck getting Vectronix to talk to you or helping with repairs?

I'm hopeful I can get it fixed, it's been so rock solid. I realize they have a new upgraded unit for sale but I would have a hard time shelling out another pile of $$$ to a company who in my experience offers zero support after the sale.