Pedo Joe's 3.5% for charity........


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Apr 8, 2011
Pacific Northwest
The most amusing thing about every left wing piece of shit on earth is how generous they are with other people's money. If you want to listen to this 80 year-old child molester talk about all the fuckheads we should help, billions for illegal, dopers, convicts and Ukrainian war. Tax breaks for every asshole who reuses to work, but fuck those vets, let's make'em pay taxes on their disability checks. On and on Joe Pedo goes demanding we raise taxes and ratfuck anyone with a savings account to get back at the ethereal "rich people".

But when it comes time for the pedophile to show some love to the vermin he loves, he sure as hell doesn't use his own money. Hell he didn't even tithe to the Catholics he so loves. Joe gave a whopping 3.5% of his income to those in need.

FJB to you too.
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