Sidearms & Scatterguns  R9s vs kimber solo review


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Nov 25, 2007
Salem VA
Got a solo for Christmas this is heads up break down

R9s vs kimber solo
R9s is 13.5 oz 3.7" tall 5.2" long .85" wide cost$1000
Solo is 17 oz 3.9" tall 5.5" long 1.2" wide cost$750

Kimber goods/bad
Great trigger thumb safety very 1911 good sites
Only bad it's a little bigger then the r9
R9s goods/bars
Very small and light Very tight barrel lock up
Bad long trigger but this the safety sites are not much Can't shoot +p

My thoughts
R9 is still the smallest 9 made it's a hardcore carry gun period very easy and safe to carry
Kimber is very shootable sites and trigger really help put good groups on paper
You can carry and shoot at the range

I wish I had a ransom rest to see which one is the most accurate