Rifle Scopes  Razor 1-6 opinions wanted.


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May 10, 2014
I'm tossing around the idea of picking up the razor 1-6 or the pst g2 1-6.
what's the most useful/popular reticle option and which one would you choose.
appears that they both have similar features.
I was thinking about the vmr2 reticle in mils.
will be going on a 223 wylde ar15 with 16" match grade barrel.
intended use would be cqb with occasional shots on steel inside 600 yards.


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Jul 1, 2012
Philadelphia suburbs
I have a Gen II Razor 1-6 with JM1 BDC reticle.
At 1x it outperforms a red dot sight with a daylight bright dot and a huge FOV.
At 6x I've verified the BDC matches the external ballistics of M193 or M855 ammo out of a 16" barreled AR well enough to make center of mass hits on full size silhouettes out to 500 yards, and I don't consider the round effective much beyond that, so it's perfect for the application IMHO.
Great optics and a solid feel, but it is a little heavy compared to similar scopes.
Unlike all the other scopes I've had through the years, I've never had the urge to try something else in its place.


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Jul 9, 2001
I run the Razor 1-6x with the JM-1 reticle. It's a great reticle for 3 gun as it's fast and the BDC is on with 55 and 25 yards less with my 75s. I love my FFP mil reticles in other precision rifle scopes but with this style scope the SFP BDC works best for me in 3 gun for speed.

It's a tough optic and can take a lot of abuse. Been throwing the rifle in dump barrels and into dump areas and never an issue. I would highly recommend the Razor 1-6x.


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Feb 28, 2013
Las Vegas, Nv
Agree with the above 100%. Scope is hell bent for durable, and I've really used it. It has been used in 3gun, shot the Safariland 3gun match, and been used as a work gun and training scope for newer students that were just getting into scopes. Glass quality is superb as well.
I run the JM Reticle as well. I have found that it lines up very well out to at least 500 yds. It is heavy, but the strength and durability aren't free. I honestly feel like the scope could handle anything that could reasonably happen to a gun.