Recap of the URSA NorCal Mar ‘22 event

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Mar 30, 2011
22 Mar 2022 - Recap of the URSA NorCal Mar ‘22 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman; build info and comments from Oscar)

We had a good mix of brand new and old hands on the line Sunday. Todd C shooting his 375 TMC (375 CT improved) with Warner bullets hit 5 out of 10 qualifying him for the SoCal 3K Match, April 10th. Way to go Todd!!! First-time-shooter Mitchell P had his first two shots at 2054 yards set the lights off and impress everyone on the line. He actually ran out of ammo before the conclusion of the second match, has texted just about everyone on the line, and has ordered up his own gong to practice on. Those 320 yellow LED's going off are truly addicting and we welcome Mitchell and Todd into our fraternity.

The first match came down to RickyRacer87, Todd C., and White Mamba. RickyRacer87 and White Mamba were both shooting new barrels. White Mamba was campaigning a 338 Lapua and a 338 Lapua Improved with a long throat and RickyRacer87 was campaigning a 33xc with a TUNER, the first tuner we have seen on the line. White Mamba took the match with hits on his last two shots at 2586 yards. RickyRacer87 was Runner-Up.

White Mamba won the second match, again at 2586 yards, with his second gun, with four hits. RickyRacer87 was Runner-Up.

I had shoulder pain and didn’t shoot but the rest of the shooters got to test out some new equipment and get ready for the April 10th 3K match in SoCal.

Todd was shooting 361 gr Warners out of his Blagg Rifles-built 375 TMC (375 CT improved) with Stiller TAC DRIVER/TAC 408 1.600 action, Benchmark 34” barrel, XLR Extreme chassis, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 FFP scope, and Near Mfg 20 MOA rings on a Stiller 40 MOA Pic rail.

White Mamba declined to release his build info.