Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts


Jan 21, 2002
1. If a guy got any caliber SA could he get a .473 bolt face replacement bolt and be GTG?

2. From Pacific Tool and Gauge's web site

<span style="font-style: italic">Most Remington Receiver sizes are .700 + .0015 ID. You can open the receiver up to a true .705 ID with the GTR Raceway Reamer and we can grind the OD of the bolt to any size you choose at no additional charge.</span>

What does this mean and what advantage does it represent?



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Feb 23, 2007
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Re: Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts

1. Maybe a little feed rail tuning....depending on what you're going from and to. If going to a DM system then no worries.

2. That answer is best left to a gunsmith, I'd just order it standard and call it good, but basically I think they are offering an oversized bolt and then you open up the raceway to fit it pefectly....custom!


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Re: Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts

From PTG, the handle will need to be attached and timed to your action. The barrel will need to be headspaced to your bolt.

Other than that, if you order an over-sized bolt, the advantage is that you will get a more concentric and a tighter toleranced bolt to your action. You will need to have your race-ways reamed to the appropriate dimensions and then order the bolt to fit.

I was told that a high percentage of the time, a factory bolt will headspace within tolerances of a factory barrel, but I would want to check with a gauge before I started sending boolits downrange