SOLD Remington 700 NRA American Hunter 6.5 CM


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Jun 12, 2019
Kansas City, MO
I have for sale a nice Remington 700 NRA American Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. This gun was a limited edition rifle that was made in conjunction with Remington, American Hunter and the NRA. There were only 1500 of these rifles made. This is #1336 out of 1500.

Remington made several improvement during the manufacturing operations for this rifle. The chamber, barrel threads and crown are machined in a one-step operation. The lugs are then machined to be trued and smooth. This rifle comes blueprinted and trued from the factory with Remington’s improvements.

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
Twist Rate: 1:8"
Barrel Action Material: 5R Stainless Steel with Black Cerakote
Barrel Profile: Heavy sporter with fluting
Barrel Length: 20"
Threading: 5/8”-24 with thread protector
Capacity: 4+1
Stock: Bell and Carlson with Aluminum Bedding Block
Weight: 6.75 lbs.
Scope Base: 8-40 Screws, Leupold 2-piece Mk4 base.

I originally bought this rifle for whitetail hunting locally but never got a chance to take it out and no longer have a spot to go. I sighted this rifle in with 143 Eld-X hand loaded ammunition and was able to obtain 1/2” groups at 100yards easily. This rifle has less than 50 rounds through it. I’m hoping someone can take this rig out hunting where it belongs.

Price: Sold Pending Funds

Rifle will come with everything shown, besides the bipod. I have the original box and paperwork as well that it will be shipped in.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Thanks in advance.


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