Remy LTR .300RSUM any good?


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Dec 31, 2002
Gburg, MD
.300RSUM in the remy LTR.....Anyone know how well the round shoot out of a 20" 1-10 twist rifle?
Accuracy, recoil, range?

Seems alittle overkill in such a small package? any one have any better points of view?

if it can reach a good muzzle velocity should be a better performer than a .308 at 800+yards????


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  • Jul 22, 2007
    Re: Remy LTR .300RSUM any good?

    Haven't shot one, might make a decent hunting rifle, but I wouldn't want to sit down behind it on the bench for a 60 round string. I have no doubts that it would be able to reach further than a .308, but how far are you looking to go?


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    Sep 22, 2008
    whidbey island
    Re: Remy LTR .300RSUM any good?

    I have one and shoot the 168 amax 2850 with 55.5varget. Haven't shot it really long distance yet waiting on my base, but I can usually shoot under an inch at 200yds with mine. I have no help on the recoil because mine has a muzzle break and with it on it recoils slightly less than a 243. I love mine and it take a ton of money for me to even consider selling.

    You can always have it rebarreled later in either 308 with sako extractor or bore out the bolt face slightly for 300wsm.

    If you find a good deal on one and take off the barrel let me know because I will likely buy it from you, I don't know how long the barrels last but I am sure that in a few years I will have shot mine out.

    I am considering trying the berger 185 vld's which if you hot load you should get at least 2850 and they would fly for a very long way with their bc of .55 or so.