Results April Topstraps Rimfire Challenge


Gunny Sergeant
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Sep 3, 2009
East side of Ohio
Well, where to start? Based on this year I'm going to wait till May to start matches next year. First I decided to correct a curve in the creek that slipped in and forced the creek to flow out into the yard/range. As soon as I did that it rained every day it seemed and I had a real mud hole from about 100 yards back to 137 yards. It'll eventually dry out I hope to get it graded back in and grass growing.

Weather looked bad but quite a few said they were ready to start shooting so they got their wish. Only one shooter the whole weekend had good weather, Friday moring early it was absolutely dead calm. Zero wind and a bit overcast, couldn't have begged for better weather to shoot in. I'm not going to say who was blessed with being able to shoot but the scores will probably show.

As soon as he left the wind started picking up and started getting colder, later in the day it wasn't too bad but still had more than usual here down in my valley. That's what we deal with shooting these long range matches, Mother nature can be cruel, every time you think you're getting a handle on what She's throwing at you she'll sneak up and smack you in the face and ask if you want more.

Saturday, I think everyone that tried to shoot on Saturday deserves special mention. It started off really cold, then got a bit colder with crazy wind. We had sleet, then small hail, then snow which at times was nearly a white out that you couldn't see the targets. Horizontal snow, that's neat stuff to shoot in when you want to just throw bullets downrange and tell everyone you are having fun. Some sat in their cars to keep warm and out of the wind, others we'd nudge to make sure they were not frozen to the bench waiting their turn.

Thru the day we'd get a bit of sunshine, then more rain, more sleet then another whiteout with wind that had the windflags standing straight out and snapping from left, then straight at you to right then away from you. Craziest wind I've ever seen down here. Sometimes the flag would just twirl around 360 degrees to tease you. I was giving nearly everyone as many sighters as they wanted and even then they were missing the big sighter plate hanging on each rack. I'd at least try to let them hit something to see where to try and hold.

Sunday was a bit better with warmer temperatures but still crazy wind switching back and forth. Trouble is, you don't learn anything shooting in wind like this. Did have a couple that decided to quit wasting ammo, felt really bad for everyone except for the Friday shooters. Gotta rag on them a bit, I'm sure before the season is done Mother Nature will give them a dose of her skills and even things up.

Randy Wise won the match shooting his Anschutz Exemplar pistol which he has figured out. Dakota and Marc Wright were running neck and neck all the way out. Mark was ahead coming out of the 197 yard rack, Marc got a first round hit on my Anti-American Terrorist target at 100 yards on the 1 inch diameter eye worth 3 points then missed the second shot which would have been worth 2 points then connected on the last shot for 1 point. Hitting anywhere on the face other than the eye was a minus 1 point. Dakota connected on the 3 point first round shot, then again on the 2 point second round shot and also the last shot worth 1 point. Good job Dakota.

Friday = F
Saturday = S
Sunday = +

All ties broken by reverse count. I tried to remember who shot on which day so I may have some wrong but you know if you did and I salute You for sticking it out.

1. 90 F Randy Wise Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken Center-X
2. 85 F Dakota Wright Rim-X Vortex Eley Match
3. 83 F Marc Wright Rim-X Vortex Eley Match
4. 79 S Dennis Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol Arken SK Biathlon
5. 77 + Jim Lochary Vudoo NF SK Biathlon
6. 77 F Jerry Calbreith CZ 457 NF SK Biathlon
7. 76 S Phil Palmisano Anschutz Eley Team
8. 76 + Bob Brown Rem 540 Mueller ? Polar Biathlon
9. 75 S Kenny Arnold CZ 457 ? Center X
10. 74 S John Schumacher Anschutz NF SK Biathlon
11. 74 + Celia Callahan Vudoo NF SK Biathlon
12. 73 + Rob Jackson H&R 12 SWFA CMP Eley
13. 73 S Jason Grubb CZ 457 Valdada SK Biathlon
14. 72 + Dave Callipare V-Gun NF SK Biathlon
15. 71 F Kurt Yoder Sako SWFA SK Biathlon
16. 67 + Matt Gallagher (2) CZ 457 Vortex Eley Contact
17. 61 + Jerry Shaw H&R 12 SWFA SK Std.
18. 59 S Matt Gallagher CZ 457 Vortex Eley Contact