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Results June 2020 Topstraps Rimfire Challenge


Gunny Sergeant
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Sep 3, 2009
East side of Ohio
Sorry about taking so long to get the results out, had to do an excavating job last week and a few other things popped up and it just didn't get done.

I didn't expect a very big turnout due to everything going on with the virus but I think there were 27 entries with nearly all being local. Just a basic match to get everyone back into shooting again. A few shooters including myself figured out that even though we can do pretty good with cheaper ammo such as CCI stc and Gecco those couple of lost targets are pretty important. Most shooters are using better stuff but still say under my $8.00/50 cost.

I started off with Gecco and lost a couple smaller ones out to 137 yards, I then switched over to my better stuff and wind got me on 2" and 1" target at 197 yards. I did better with the peep sighted gun missing two due to dropped rounds falling in under the targets. Still fun to hit stuff way out there with peep sights. I really like the old school guns knowing I'm sharing each shot with all the previous shooters that owned it before me.

Lots of good shooting by everyone, some re-entered on a different day and picked up a couple more hits. Weather was probably the same for all three days with normal switching wind. Don't know what it was this month, maybe I'm watching closer and comparing ammo being shot but shooters using CCI std had a LOT of dropped rounds this month. Other shooters jumped in when they finished and let them try other ammo with good results. We'll probably see an increase in scored next month, my course hasn't been cleaned yet but close, think I have targets about right to keep everyone hitting a lot but also keep it challenging for everyone to get those last few hits on smaller targets.

OK, on to the results, ties are placed using reverse count. Farthest last target hit takes precedence. Winner this month was Dave Calipare on a re-entry, he's getting pretty tough so everyone needs to step it up. Max score including the higher value gamble targets was 92 this month.

The bonus shot was what I thought should have been an easy one, 10" plate at 195 yards, no rear support for the gun other than what the shooter could use on his body. Get sighted on the plate, I hid the view with a piece of paper for 10 seconds and while still hid they shot the plate. Called it holding steady, most of us didn't hold steady enough. Dave won by hitting it.

Score Name Gun Scope Ammo

1. 84 Dave Calipare(2), V-Gun, NF, SK Biathalon
2. 84 Derrick Warren, CZ MTR, Vortex, SK plus
3. 83 Bill Nesbitt(2), Anschutz MPR, Vortex, SK Biathalon
4. 83 Dennis Kirkpatrick, Winchester 52-D, Peep Sights, Wolf MT (old)
5. 82 Dennis Kirkpatrick, Remington 37, SWFA 20X, Gecco/SK Biathalon
6. 82 Tim Humphrey, V-Gun, NF, SK Biathalon
7. 81 Mike Moore(1), Anschutz, Bushnell, SK Biathalon
8. 79 Bill Nesbitt(1), V-Gun, NF, SK Biathalon
9. 78 Rube Perkins, 10/22 Shilen ratchet barrel, NF, SK Biathalon
10. 78 Bob Brown, Remington 40-X, Weaver, SK std+
11. 78 Randy Warren, CZ MTR, Vortex, SK plus
12. 78 Dave Calipare(1), V-Gun, NF, SK Biathalon
13. 78 Keith Phillips, V-Gun, Kahles, SK Biathalon
14. 75 John Schumacher, Anschutz MPRm SWFA, Wolf (old)
15. 75 Mike Moore(2), Anschutz, Bushnell, SK Biathalon
16. 74 Carl Duvall(2), CZ 457, Vortex, SK Biathalon
17. 74 Jim Lochary, V-Gun, March, SK Biathalon
18. 72 Angela Smith, CZ 455, SWFA, CCI std.
19. 72 Carl Duvall(1), CZ 457, Vortex, SK Biathalon
20. 70 Cuda Gatten, 10/22, Cabelas, CCI std.
21. 69 Dave Patten, CZ 455, SWFA, CCI std.
22. 66 Dennis Lawrence, Remington 40-X, Peep Sights, SK rifle match
23. 65 Eric Lochary, Ruger Precision, SWFA, SK Biathalon
24. 65 Celia Callahan, Savage, SWFA, SK Biathalon
25. 64 Bob Ellwood, Remington 40-X, Lucid, SK std.
26. 59 Karen Marsh, CZ Ultra Lux, SWFA, CCI std.
27. 58 Tom Rayner, Remington 513, Leupold, CCI std.
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