Results October 2018 Topstraps Longrange Rimfire Match


Gunny Sergeant
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Sep 3, 2009
East side of Ohio
We squeezed in another match before Winter hit, not sure how it'll look for November but will play it by ear. Thanks to everyone that came, I hope you enjoyed it and tell a friend about what you can do with a lowly 22 rimfire. It didn't rain but was cool which affected the shooters, most shot low and had to add more as they progressed out the course. A couple ran high which seems weird but ya gotta go with what it's telling you and make the changes.

I had a few peep sight shooters take the challenge against the 4moa targets competing directly against the scoped shooters and the varying racks. I can't go much smaller than 4 moa and still be able to see them. I might try 3 3/4 or 3 1/2 moa and see how they look when I get time but in certain lighting comditions the 4 moa are sometimes barely visible.

The big talk as usual was about ammo and which seems to work and what doesn't. I have always used Wolf MT (Lapua) and other than the couple dropped rounds we've come to expect it shoots really great. Most shooters agree that the new Wolf MT (ELey) doesn't shoot nearly as well and stopped using it. Most are switching over to SK either gold or red box. I'll have to try some, my 40X shoots the cheap Geco great by my Sons Win 52-C (Ugly Beddy) hates it. ELey target seems to do reasonably well in most guns. I limit my ammo to no more than $8.00/50 to even everyone out so we're all searching for a replacement.

Had a couple new shooters this month, they did pretty well and hope they come back next year. Didn't have as many locals show up this month, not sure if other things going on or being boycotted :) Had 26 entries and was enjoyable to watch each of them shooting the racks. Next month if the weather holds out it'll be my timed event, 85 easy targets, 100 rounds in the bowl and a 25 minute time limit with only 1 10 round magazine allowed or a single shot. Score is calculated on targets hit, minus rounds left and time used. Fun and challenging, great way to end the year.

Joe from Accurate Rifle Systems ( ) came down with his programmer/machinist Mason with a couple guns and his new really nice F class style bipod system. This longrange stuff is still kinda new to them in the rimfire game but they are making a super chassis that will fill nearly any needs from light 22 rimfire up to 375 Cheyteks used at the 2 mile plus competitions. I hope to have another of his chassis for my Izhmash Biathalon gun for next years PRS and NRL matches. Top notch designs and worldmanship that is better than anything I have seen for the types of shooting I do.

I would like to hear what others think about the peep shooters competing against the scoped shooters. You've all seen the targets and how they look thru peep sights. They appear large thru a scope but look like pin pricks thru peep sights. Not really enough to separate them into two classes and the scores are very comparable. We'll be glad to let you try the peep sighted guns out anytime you want if you'd like to see how difficult it is.

On to the results, Matt Shatto and Bill Nesbitt won the two drawings for $25.00 each. See me next match or next year if I still have it I'll give it to you. The winner gets a free entry next match. The scoped shooters had two stages where they could gamble on smaller targets for higher point values. For the peep sight shooters they had the option on the same rack to move over and shoot at the number 2 and 3 bowling pins for their higher value targets. They look like tiny strands of hair if the light is just right, invisible if it's wrong but it's pretty comparable to the tiny bowling pins the scoped guys had to shoot for their higher points. Again, opinions welcome on it, want it fun but challenging for all shooters and want them to feel like a couple more hits they can also finish at or near the top.

Some shooters had a lot of dropped rounds with SK gold, CCI std and the new Wolf MT by ELey. Carl Duvall shot quite a few at the various racks out past 150 and it was terrible in his gun. Mason shot very well last match but this month something just wasn't right with his gun, it was all over the place even with trying different ammo. Cold weather and a bit of shifting winds play havoc with these things, I'm sure all will get it figured out and be right back hitting tiny targets again.

Maximum possible score for this match including the higher valued targets and also hitting the bonus target at 195 yards is 92 points. All ties are placed with reverse count on farthest target.

1. 92 Chris Kirkpatrick H&R model 12 Peep Sights Wolf MT (old)
2. 88 Dennis Kirkpatrick Vostok CM-2 Peep Sights Wolf MT (old)
3. 82 Dave Calipare Vudoo Night Force Wolf MT (old)
4. 81 Mike Moore (3) Savage MK II Bushnell Wolf MT (new)
5. 81 Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR Leupold Wolf MT (old)
6. 79 Bill Nesbitt Anschutz MPR SWFA SK Red
7. 79 Cuda Gatten H&R model 12 Peep Sights SK Yellow
8. 78 Dave Calipare Vudoo Night Force Wolf MT (old)
9. 78 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Red
10. 77 Jerry Shaw (1) H&R model 12 SWFA SK std +
11. 76 Bob Brown (3) Remington 513 target Lyman Super Spot Federal HM
12. 76 Mike Moore (1) Savage MK II Bushnell Wolf MT (new)
13. 76 Jerry Shaw (2) H&R model 12 SWFA SK std +
14. 75 Mike Moore (2) Savage MK II Bushnell Wolf MT (new)
15. 75 Bob Brown (2) Remington 40X Sightron Federal HM
16. 74 Carl Duvall (1) CZ 455 Bushnell Wolf MT (new)
17. 73 Justin Mateer CZ 455 PST II Federal Champion
18. 73 Carl Duvall Savage MK II Bushnell Wolf MT (new)
19. 71 Matt Shatto CZ 455 SWFA SK standard
20. 70 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA CCI std
21. 70 Bob Ellwood Remington 40X SWFA Wolf MT (new)
22. 69 Bob Brown Marlin 2000 SWFA Federal HM
23. 69 Dan Piatt Springfield 1922 M2 Peep Sights Wolf MT (old)
24. 64 Joe Updike CZ 455 scope ? CCI std
25. 63 Kenny Arnold Remington 511 Nikon CCI Stinger
26. 57 Mason Grady Savage MK II Vortex CCI std