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Sep 3, 2009
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Sorry for the slow posting of the results but only so many hours in a day and my days have been packed lately. Weather was really nice and Friday and Sunday were especially nice with nearly zero wind. Some excellent scores were shot, I may have to do something to keep challenging the competitors. I want to thank everyone who came to compete, A big thank you to Bob Brown who while waiting for his turn to shoot helped spot for quite a few shooters and also stayed afterwards to do the same. It really helped speed things up, plenty of others chipped in too and a big thank you to them also. Spotting for that many shooters for three days takes its toll on the eyes.

Three shooters really come to mind this month although everyone is shooting really well. Dakota Wright was on top of her game this month only missing one target and getting the bonus higher point value targets. Highest possible score for the scoped shooters was a 99 and a 94 for peep sight shooters. Peep sight competitors have no gamble higher point value targets and have to shoot the bonus stage the same as the scoped competitors. When Chris finished the 37 yard stage he asked if you could shoot the scoped shooters bonus target before moving on. He easily hit it and said he was gonna ask if he could have shot it first like the scoped shooters for a bonus but slipped his mind till after he shot. I'll allow peep competitors to shoot the smaller gamble targets if they wish but no special treatment, if you miss it's on you just like the scoped shooters. He would have tied Dakota if he had done that. Great shooting, it was a real pleasure to spot for and watch you both work your way out thru the stages making corrections as needed.

This month the bonus stage at 159 yards was two white golf ball sized targets hanging behind two larger steel rings with holes in them to allow shooting thru the hole and impacting the golf ball but there was also about 3/4" spacing between the golf ball and the black ring to allow a bullet to pass thru without touching either the golf ball or the steel ring. A hit on the black outer ring earned you a minus 1 point and a hit on the golf ball got you a plus 2 points. I got black rings which really hurt but I should be happy to be that close with peeps. :)

Dakota hit the black ring on her first shot then hit the second golf ball for a plus 1 on that stage. Chris Kirkpatrick cleaned the entire peep sight target racks then counted clicks back down to 159 yards for the bonus stage. He impacted both golf balls which was outstanding since you could barely see the outer black ring with the naked eye and the golf balls were not visible. The peep sight targets are 4moa all the way out and you have to hit that target the same number of times that there are targets for the scoped shooters racks. A few hits and they turn gray and with the changing light and shadows it's not an easy task to say the least. Seeing him hit those two golf balls for me was the high point of the match. Yes, there were witnesses and one of them was also watching thru another spotting scope.

Another competitor that is gonna be one to watch is 9 year old Kylie Patton, she did well last match but even better this match. Hard to stay focused for that many shots and she did take a break or two to stretch her legs but she stuck it out and really placed well. Her Dad (Dave) made a flip chart showing her the racks to look for and where to aim on each target. She did her own adjusting of the bag and was a pleasure to watch. Dave, you're gonna have to stay on your toes if you wanna keep in front of her. You're an excellent coach.

I did the same KYL type scoring on a couple of racks again and like last month it bit a few shooters who just haven't figured out where their limit is yet. Getting good hits all the way across and then missing the final target and losing all those points really adds up at the end. With a bit of added pressure knowing if you miss near the end you lose a few valuable points can get you flustered. I think giving the shooters some imput on their destiny with KYL and some small higher value gamble targets adds to the challenge.

On to the scores.

Dakota Wright won so she'll get a free entry next month. Maybe she'll bring a peep sight gun next month to give us all a chance. All ties decided by reverse count.

1. 95 Dakota Wright Rim-X Vortex SE Eley Match
2. 94 Chris Kirkpatrick BSA Martini Int. Peep Sights SK Bia.
3. 91 Jason Grubb CZ 457 Valdada Eley Match
4. 91 John Blaker Vudoo Athlon Eley Match
5. 90 Bill Nesbitt Vudoo NF Lapua Midas
6. 89 Matt Gallagher CZ 457 Vortex SE Eley Match
7. 86 Dennis Kirkpatrick Ural Peep Sights SK Bia
8. 85 Kerman Crooks Vudoo NF Center-X
9. 84 Allan Crouse Rim-X Athlon Center-X
10. 84 Bob Brown Remington 540-X Mueler Lapua Polar Bia.
11. 84 Randy Wise Anschutz Pistol Arken SK Bia.
12. 83 Marc Wright Tippmann Semi-Auto Vortex Eley Match
13. 83 Casey Crooks Rim-X NF SK Bia.
14. 83 Mark Hall CZ 457 Vortex Viper SK Match
15. 83 Derek Johnson CZ 452 Vortex Viper SK Rifle Match
16. 80 Kylie Patton CZ 457 Athlon SK Bia.
17. 80 Jerry Shaw H&R 12 SWFA SK Bia.
18. 80 Kenny Arnold CZ 455 Vortex Center-X
19. 79 Matt Dillon Vudoo Athlon Wolf Match
20. 79 Jim Lochary (2) Vudoo NF SK Bia.
21. 79 Brice Rayner Rem 513-T NF SK
22. 78 Bryan Pensis Ruger Precision Vortex SK Longrange
23. 78 Dan Steyaert Savage MK II SWFA Eley Club
24. 78 Kurt Yoder Sako Quad SWFA 20X Center-X
25. 77 Rube Perkins Kidd 10/22 NF Old Wolf Target
26. 77 Jerry Galbreith CZ 457 NF SK
27. 77 Scott St.Clair Savage Vortex CCI Std.
28. 76 Jim Lochary (1) Vudoo NF SK Bia.
29. 76 Bob Merillat Anschutz 1907 March SK Bia.
30. 75 Chuck Wagner H&R 12 SWFA RWS
31. 75 Dave Callipare Vudoo NF SK
32. 74 Tom Rayner Remington 541-X Leupold SK
33. 74 Rob Jackson H&R 12 SWFA 20X Wolf Match Extra (new)
34. 74 Cuda Gatten CZ 452 Arken SK Bia.
35. 70 Dennis Lawrence Vudoo Bushnell SK Bia.
36. 70 Phil Palmisano Anschutz 1700 SWFA 20x Eley Team
37. 67 Jake Slyder Ruger Precision Bushnell SK Bia.
38. 66 James Tanner Ruger Precision Arken CCI Target
39. 66 Boone Rayner Remington 513-T NF SK
40. 64 Frank Rose H&R 12 SWFA 20X CCI Std.

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