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Reticle from the scope in The Killer


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Nov 3, 2010
In the new movie, The Killer, on Netflix the hitman uses an a scope I couldn't identify but did clearly show a picture of the reticle. I am curious if anyone knows the reticle and correspondingly the scope model? It is similar to Nightforce's Moar-T but not exactly.

Reticle from The Killer.png
Looks like a bullshit reticle made up for TV. Is the 2 a mill or moa? Either way it's too much. Never seen a .1 moa or .1 mil reticle.

Could be 20 moa with 1 moa hash marks.
Looks like a Nf moar but 10/20 would make more sense then 1/2 for the spacing on your pic
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Yeah, I am starting to think like DBD that it is a made-up reticle.
Yeah, I am starting to think like DBD that it is a made-up reticle.
The only two times I recall seeing a real reticle is in Jack Reacher where theres a Mildot reticle, and The Shooter (Movie and Series) where there are a variety of Leupold scopes with real reticles (mildot, TMR, Tremor 2).
I think I recall seeing a Schmidt P4f in a movie but don't recall which.

99% of the time reticles are made up, and usually they think up something that looks ridiculous and makes no sense.
This one doesn't do too bad of a job, it looks ok on the surface but is fairly nonsensical for actual use.

I'm not a big movie person so there could be lots that do it right.
In Rambo they used the correct Gen II Mildot that went with the S&B 3-12 that was on the Barrett. The movie Jarhead did a good job of showing the football mildots in a Unertl too. It seems like TV shows and movies are doing a better job at showing stuff more true to life but who can forget this reticle haha?

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Still trying to find the ole shock absorbing cross hair or mil lighting bolt design. Well I guess I'll get back to the search after I hand file my Sierra's.

Sniper (1993)
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That's gotta be a Vortex reticle. LOL. Or maybe it's an Arken.