Rimfire  Rimfire Barrels and Stocks for sale

Wayne McNeely

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Apr 27, 2010
East Tenn
Hey Guys,
Time for a little New Years cleaning.
I have several 10-22 barrels and stocks for sale along with a couple of CZ455 stocks.

1- SOLD No name 16” Carbon fiber wrapped 10-22 barrel. I think this came on my Summit but was too light for my purposes. sold

2- 18.5” Quantum hand-lapped 10-22 barrel with aluminum sleeve. This barrel I had lapped with a choke at the muzzle. $275.00 shipped.

3- 18.5” Ruger factory 10-22 sporter barrel unfired. Take off from a 10-22 project. $45.00 shipped.

4- ALL SOLD. I have three Magpul Hunter X-22 stocks. All with butt extensions and high cheek pieces. Two black and one OD green. $100.00 shipped each. ALL SOLD

5- one Hogue over molded stock for a 10-22. Black with signs of use. $50.00 shipped.

6- one Ruger factory black plastic stock with built-in swivel attachments. $40.00 shipped.

7- Boyd’s wood stock for A CZ-455 with heavy barrel channel. This has been painted tan and shows some wear from use. $70.00 shipped.

8- SOLD KRG chassis for a CZ-455. Heavily modified forearm, with an ARCA rail. SOLD shipped.

9- Factory CZ-455 varmint contour barrel. Muzzle threaded with break. $75.00 shipped

These are all excesses to my needs and would like to see them go to someone that can use them. I feel my prices are fair, but if you don’t agree, please make your offers to buy or trade via PM. Photos by request.

Thanks for looking,



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