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Optics S&B 5-25 *SOLD*


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Oct 25, 2010
Marion, IL
For sale is a used 5-25x56 S&B PM2. MSR mil reticle, double turn CCW knobs. There is one small scratch on the right side as seen in the picture. Other than that, it is perfect condition. $2,275.00 shipped within the U.S.
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I owned a S&B 5-25 about 10 years ago, amazing piece of engineering, fantastic bright scope, super forgiving eye-box and I love that MSR reticle. I traded it for a 5-20 ultra short and boy was that a mistake!
Anyways, I just picked up a Gen III 6-36 here. Was looking for a budget friendly scope for a budget friendly future build. I am sure it will suit my purpose but its no S&B....If only I would have seen this a few weeks ago. BUMP for a really great deal!
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I'll take it per PM!

EDIT: Funds sent. Thank you again, sir.
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