Savage Bolt Bushing


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Jan 9, 2019
Back in the day I bought several Savage 12FV specials from Cabela's and built some fun rifles out of the actions. I had some parts laying around and decided to have a 16" 6.5 Creed barrel spun up. I was looking at using my older Lapua SRP brass and pushing up the pressures a bit.

Now Savages are known to crater primers as you start loading hot. It's not a problem until you start blanking primers. So I decided to have my bolt bushed and the pin ground down. did the work and I could not be happier with how it turned out.

He turned the pin down to 62 thou, drilled out the bolt face, inserted a plug, and then drilled it to just barely over the pin size. And while he was at it he trued up both sides of the bolt lugs. I took it back out today with the same load and the results are outstanding....virtually no cratering like my custom actions. It did open up my headspace by 4-5 thou but I cracked the barrel nut off and fixed that up in 15 min.

If you have cratering in your primers I can recommend this as a pretty cheap way to fix it...

IMG_20220425_180733 (2).jpg

IMG_20220710_175013 (1).jpg


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Jan 31, 2018
few years back I bought PGT savage bolt head, which was stoping cratering/piercing primers also.

or just load BR4 primers and you will never pierced it.