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Screen Protector for the Garmin Xero C1 Pro

CR2 Dude

CR2 Shooting Solutions
Commercial Supporter
Full Member
Nov 19, 2017
Hey guys, Chris from CR2 here to bring you a product that we’re excited to be the first retail company to bring to market. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Annex Defense on these new HD glass screen protectors for the Garmin XERO C1 chronograph

Giving you protection without compromising your device's touch sensitivity or clarity? Then this is the product you’ve been looking for.

Inside this box, you get the sapphire glass screen protectors and a handful of screen wipes for cleaning your chronograph.

What’s even better is Annex Defense has given you three of these screen protectors for the low price of 15 bucks. Guys we all know it, screen protectors are gonna break overtime. They’re not invincible but they do their job. So if you do break this thing because you drop your chronograph, a stray round hits it, whatever the case may be, you’ve got two more screen protectors in the box to provide you that security that you’re looking for, for years to come.

So head on over to the CR2 supply cage right now and pick yourself up one of these Annex Defense screen protector kits for your Garmin Xero C1 chronograph.


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Just put my order in. Really appreciate the cheaper shipping option that doesn't end up having it more than the product itself!
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Received and installed. Stupid easy and a fantastic result.

Proper product!…

Thank you!…
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